Shimmering Africa 1 – L Lawler


Hand-sculpted plaque by Lindy Lawler, South African ceramist, now living in Sydney.  Made from concrete gypsum, 17cm x 17c, weighs almost 1 kg.

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Sculptor from South Africa, now living in Australia

Lindy’s childhood memory of women in South Africa is filled with movement – from washing the clothes to carrying the babies on the back; from sweeping, to hair styling; from singing with the children to dancing with husbands, seeing elegance in every female.

She started working with clay 10 years ago and now works mainly in oil based clay and ceramic clay. Her handmade sculptures all have colours, shapes, gazes and symbols inspired by memories of South Africa.  Some of her work is made into casts of the original (and then hand painted), others are unique pieces.   Every piece is handmade and some take quite a while to make.  She works from her home studio in Sydney.

Shimmering Africa 1 – L Lawler
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