13 Things Learned

Anecdotes and facts about Carina Bekkers’ fair and ethical business journey so far. Practical, realistic and motivating, this 13 Chapter book is a valuable resource for budding as well as experienced social entrepreneurs.


The story of Carina Bekkers’ fair and ethical business journey to date.  An entrepreneur resource with insights, lessons learned and opinions, giving you a little peek behind the scenes.

Entrepreneur Resource

13 Things Learned takes the reader on a journey combining anecdotes and factual information on Fair Trade. It covers the history of this movement, the commercial and advocacy components and how it works in Australia.  This entrepreneur resource is about trade, about earning an income in a fair and ethical way and all that is involved in doing this.

It compares mainstream to Fair Trade and discusses resource management from a holistic viewpoint.  Practical pointers and questions provide a realistic insight behind working in this sector.

It takes courage to stand for things and that is what you do in Fair Trade.  You  buy this book confident with the knowledge that it builds capacity in Fair Trade.