Huts Roof


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By Arlette Vandeneyken, Painter living in Cameroon.  Lived in Belgium, Canada, Germany and 12 years in Rwanda.

32cm x 22cm – framed in white


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Arlette loved painting since early childhood and went to art school in Germany and also has a Masters Degree in Cultural anthropology and Compared linguistics.  Her works are inspired by the environment she shares, the beauty of Rwanda, the daily life and fights of its people that she tries to capture in colourful representations oscillating between figurative and semi-abstract style.

She is a member of the Rwandan Association of Visual Artists‚ Isoko Arts Rwanda and of the Rwandan Society of Authors (RSAU).  Widely exhibited in Rwanda and received the 1st prize in painting „Art for Peace 2009“ organized by the Intitute of National Museums of Rwanda.  Her work is held in public and private collections.

Huts Roof

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