Masaai Buste M


Masaai Male buste – hand-carved from one block of ebony wood.  Height 29cm, weighs approx 2kg.

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About the wood

mpingo 2The Mpingo tree grows in Tanzania and Mozambique and takes 70 years to mature. It is at risk of becoming commercially unavailable in 20 years due to indiscriminate harvesting.   A ban on export of raw Mpingo logs from Tanzania to Kenya already exists but this does not stop illegal trafficking of the wood.  The wood has many uses: all-wooden hoes, pestles, knife handles, supports for buildings such as granaries, house construction and floors for pit latrines. The tree is also used by villagers as animal fodder, medicine, as a dye and as green manure.  The greatest remaining stock of Mpingo is found in southern Tanzania, the land where the Makonde settled.

We ensure that the wood used by our carvers and artists are sourced legally with permits.

This wood is polished and will maintain its dark colour if kept indoors and waxed a few times a year.  When placed outside it will remain dark but return to its natural look as in the image.

Masaai Buste M
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