Mutual Love


By John Bauer – South African Ceramist

approx  17.5cm diameter x 5cm high

inscription: “love is wonderful when it is mutual”

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John was born in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and moved to Cape Town at a young age.  After finishing high school he started pottery classes.

John’s ability to recreate fine textures in porcelain is unparalleled.  His work is playful, subject matters are universal and he explores new ways to explain things that matter to him: love, death and happiness. His experiences of loss and isolation are a big influence on his work as is the church.

He is called the ‘Doily Lama’ due to his vast collection of antique doilies and fabric.  The background of his bowls include crocheted doiley, antique linen, damask silk or lace.  He then adds drawings of angels, goddesses, lovers or mythical beings and writes messages of love or words of wisdom on many of them.  John is dyslexic and although sometimes misspelled, the text is very clear in its intention.

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