The Fulani, The Cow, The Milk – A Walters


By Angu Walters, Cameroon.

Artistic from a young age, his mother recognised his talent and brought this to the attention of a professional artist.  Under his guidance and with access to various media his artistic talent grew.

Angu Walters dwells mostly on abstract and surreal paintings which focus mostly on the painful side of life like poverty and disease. He also paints music which he claims reflects the happy side of life.  He believes that his dreams are inspirational to his life and work.

His art is exhibited in galleries world-wide and in the National Museum in Yaoundé.  One of his dreams is to set up an art center/school in Bamenda in support of Cameroonian painters trying to make a career out of art.

106cm x 91cm framed in wide rustic white

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A way of life millenia old across the world is slowly disapparing.  For the Fulani, a tribe of nomads and traders spread out across Western Africa, moving their prized cattle around is getting more difficult with borders and regulations.  This painting by Angu Walters from Cameroon, shows a Fulani woman dressed in her traditional colourful flowing robes with a head veil she can also wrap around her head like a turban.  Her lips are stained dark with henna and her long straight hair shows her descent from North and Sub-Saharan tribes.

The Fulani, The Cow, The Milk – A Walters

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