T-Shirts - Tinga Tinga Tanzania

The original artwork on these fair trade T-shirts are by Tinga Tinga artist Best Steven Mkumba. ✓ Royalties to Artists ✓ Premium materials ✓ Salt-free dye and water-based ink ✓ People in production, not robots

A Socially responsible and eco-aware facility in Bali produces the fair trade t-shirts in-house, including the graphic design.  Made from Premium cotton, 150gsm, cut and washed before cutting with eco-friendly detergents derived from plants, to remove all shrinkage.

The screen-printing process uses Japanese water-based inks which are also Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified and 100% free of harmful elements.  A cleaning method that separates and removes inks by drying also stops them from entering the waste water.

The Cold Pad Batch Dyeing (CPB) Technology uses 80% less water than the conventional vat dyeing method. The latter requires very large quantities of salt and water to allow the colour to stick to the fabric.  This salt water disposed of after dyeing usually enters natural water ways and rivers, destroying the ecology.  CPB dyeing requires no salt, the colour is pressed into the fabric with a roller, a highly effective and creates far less wastage.

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